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Stock Market Optimism Builds, $NKE Soars, $ETH Slumps

With positive pre-earnings guidance and economic reassurance, stock market news sentiment jumped this week. Indicators appear set for a hot start to July... 🔥🚒

June: What To Look For...

We find 2 smart people willing to talk shop with us and ask them what they're watching this month.

AMC is Back, Growth Stocks Paint Optimistic Picture

Growth and meme stonks end May on a high note as inflationary worries seem to have reached their peak. Are things in place for a summer of prosperity? An analysis of last week's finance news:

Tech & Crypto: the Search for a Bottom

With analyst outlooks improving, are high-growth vehicles setting up for a rebound?

Inflation is Back, Bitcoin Slumps, and Stocks Stay Volatile

Stock volatility was high and volume remained low after new April CPI data, Elon and Tesla say no to Bitcoin purchases, and values continue to outpace growth stocks. Last week's market news in review:

With Earnings in the Rear View, US Job Report Disappoints

Value stocks continue to outperform growth stocks, money flows into cryptocurrencies, and the economy adds fewer jobs in April than expected. We analyzed the news and dove into $PTON...

Big Tech Earnings Reaction, and Elon's World

New stock market high's, crypto volatility, and hopeful signs for the U.S. economy. Here's what we saw in the news during the month of April... (spoiler: Elon made a lot of headlines)

Strong Big Tech Earnings, Small-Cap Redemption(?), and Ethereum Hype

Apple, Facebook, and friends carry the market with impressive earnings, small-caps see their best action since February, and Ethereum gains on Bitcoin to cross $3K for the first time...

Value Stock Earnings, Tax Hikes(?) and More

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